5. Hülly Hop Swing Farm

March, 22nd – 24th 2019 in the middle of nowhere (close enough to Hamburg)

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Preparing the magic to happen …

During the last weeks we have been busy booking teachers, DJ’s, and the band, advertising the event, printing new flyers and working on the website.

Since we will open registrations on 1st of July 2017 we are as well preparing the registration form.

Look out: We changed our track system this year, we will not only have 2 different levels, but also 2 different teaching speeds. Have a look at http://swing.farm/levels/ and see if you like it! We hope to make your learning experience even better than last year.

Swing on!




We will have live music!

As a big extra we will have a nice Swedish live band on our Saturday party!

We proudly present: The Capulets!


The Capulets-4

We will soon start the engines!

During the last weeks we have been working on improving our concepts (e.g. level organization) and preparing the bookings for teachers, DJ’s, and the Photographer.


We will shortly announce the teachers, and we are sure that you will like our awesome line-up as well as we do.


Stay tuned, and mark your calendars: on July 1, 2017 we will open registration for the autumn edition, our “Spanish edition”!

it’s all over now, baby blue.

final group pic HHSF 2017

Hülly Hop Swing farm is over. We will have a good rest and get back to you in a couple of days.

Thanks for trusting us, coming to our farm in the middle of nowhere, and dancing like crazy with us.

We truly loved it!

We are as well very thankful for all the feedback you gave to us via email, messages, personally, and in response to our feedback questionnaire. We put together some of it on our site here.

Swingingly yours – Agnes, Eve, and Henning.

PS: next edition is planned for 3.-5.11.2017. Mark your calendars!

Registration is now closed!



Wohooooo, you want to have a t-shirt with our logo, and whatever crazy wording on the back?

Here we go: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/swingfarm/

Just order your model and size, and you can have a unique styled shirt!

Pre-selected the shirts are just with logo print on the front. If you want something on the back, just choose a font of the website and your wording! And in case you need a shipping address in Germany, because you live abroad or are on travels, you can let it be delivered to:

YOUR NAME / Swing Farm
ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum e.V.
Bauernreihe 1
21706 Drochtersen-Hüll

Post a silly pic of you in your new shirt on our FB page, and the one with the most likes will get a nice little surprise present at the camp! Here your can see Henning doeing the first step 🙂


2016-10-18 21.52.42

Update – one month to go!

We are happy to give you updates on different topics! Less than one month to go, we are soooo excited!

Update on Accommodation:

All beds in our 3-5 bed rooms are taken by today. You can still register for this option, but beds will be only available if we get cancellations. So please consider booking a hotel room or B&B close by in case we don’t get any cancellations.

Update on Levels:

At the moment the intermediate level is overbooked, and advanced is full. We are currently thinking about re-organizing levels and/ or rooms.

In case we can manage to organize we might use an extra big room with wooden floor about 2 km away from our location – we will provide a bus transport if we are going to use this room. This option would allow a bigger group with about 16-18 couples.

If we can not add this infrastructure, we might re-organize our levels, following your “upgrade/downgrade” preferences. We want to provide you a good learning experience and try to not squeeze to many couples in our rooms.

We will let you know as soon as we figured out our options!

Update on taster classes

We are happy to announce that on Saturday we will have 2 (instead of one) time slots for taster classes. In addition to the taster classes given by our international teachers (Saturday 16-17 h) we are happy and proud to to have some national teacher couples giving a taster (in english language, Saturday 17.15 – 18.15 h).

So far the program:


“The evolution of the swing out” (Cat and Cam)

“Aerials” (Kuno and Gosia)

“Air Steps” (Eran and Claire)

Saturday I:

“Jam style dancing – flashy moves and stealing” (Cat and Cam)

“Going goofy – dance like you are an instrument of the band” (musicality class, Kuno and Gosia)

“First Steps in Blues” (Eran and Claire)

Saturday II:

“tba” (Andreas and Marion, Frankfurt/M.)

“tba” (Marina und Oliver, Hamburg)

“tba” (N.N.)

 hülly ambassador sicily

Update on Registrations & Accommodation

Update on Registration:

As of today we have a few open spots in all levels (first payment deadlines arrived).

For single follows there is a waiting list only in intermediate level, the other levels are balanced right now. We are happy!


Update on Accommodation:

We have 12 beds left in 3-5 bed rooms with shared bathroom, and there is one double room with bathroom available again (pls. mention it in the remarks-field of your registration if you want to book this, and be aware of the higher price).

Additionally we have spots in the dorm available (bring your own mat and sleeping bag; sink and WC are in the building, showers are available across the yard in the other building).

In case you don’t feel tempted by the “hostel-charme” of our on-site accommodation, we recommend you a booking at this awesome and stylish new hotel (13 min by car, double rooms from 100€/night/room): Elbstrand Resort. They have a nice SPA as well and are located at the river Elbe beach -> best for a walk in beautiful nature surroundings.

Other external Hotel and B&B options you can find on our Accommodation Page.

We are so much looking forward to seeing you in 2 months!

swing bling swing spin doctor

About teamwork in uniforms …

Look what we now are: walking, posing, and dancing promotion agents for Hülly Hop!

We will wear these shirts with pride and happiness, and feel even more like a team, like *the* dreamteam.

agnes henning statue 2016

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