29.11 – 01.12.2024, in the middle of nowhere (close enough to Hamburg)

Month: October 2016

About teamwork in uniforms …

Look what we now are: walking, posing, and dancing promotion agents for Hülly Hop!

We will wear these shirts with pride and happiness, and feel even more like a team, like *the* dreamteam.

agnes henning statue 2016

Update on registrations and accommodation


Dear single follows, we have already a waiting list in all tracks. Please try to find a partner to register with to have better chances of being part of our camp!

It should be a new lead. Leads who are already registered can unfortunately *not* partner up with a new follow.



We have only 14 beds left – hurry up if you want to stay with us in the camp. There are spots for your mattress in the dorm room, and beds in nearby hotels, though (you need a car to get to the hotels).


bigger, better, more :-)

As of today we have more than 60 registrations. Yeah! We are so proud and happy!

It means that we will book a third teacher couple in the next days, and we will have 3 levels/tracks in our camp.

We are so much looking forward to tell you who will be with us! Details to be published soon – stay tuned!


2016-10-17 19.39.38


Taster class topics

Recently we’ve had some meetings with our teachers to find out which taster classes would suit our camp. And I’m very happy that we have these topics so far:

On friday you can expect:

“The evolution of the swing out” (Cat and Cam) and

“Aerials” (Kuno and Gosia)


On saturday you will have to choose from:

“Jam style dancing – flashy moves and stealing” (Cat and Cam) and

“Going goofy – dance like you are an instrument of the band” (musicality class, Kuno and Gosia)


We are sooo excited! ( … but program is still under discussion …)

2016-10-12 11.28.06