Gosia & Kuno

Kuno & Gosia swinging in the woods

Kuno and Gosia Rasmussen are passionate lindy hop dancers, instructors and performers.

They started their dance partnership in 2010, and they have been traveling around Europe ever since to learn and teach the lindy hop wherever they visit. In class, Kuno and Gosia love to focus on improving the core technique of the participants. They have developed a wide range of exercises to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for everyone.

With backgrounds in didactics and communication, Kuno & Gosia have a deep understanding of teaching methods, and they make sure their classes are always well structured and easy to follow for all learning types.

Kuno & Gosia run a swing dance school in Copenhagen: Happy Feet Studio. They are also among the main organizers of the international events: Copenhagen Lindy Exchange and Copenhagen Swing Challenge.


Gosiashoe size: 38
favorite dish: Sushi
date and occasion of your first swing dance: November 2009
best moment of your dance career: Starting our own lindy school in Copenhagen in 2015. This last year has been crazy and exciting!
most awkward moment of your dance career: We were performing a show at a party in Copenhagen, and suddenly we forgot the next sequence half way through the show. We stopped, started laughing and ran off the stage. Pretty embarrassing 😉
what does your dance-partner like the most in you: That I make our dance look flowy and smooth
and what drives him/her nuts 😉 : I sometimes get into very long and complicated explanations when we are teaching, and I can just see on Kunos face that he is getting restless.


Kuno & Gosia (11)shoe size: 44
favorite dish: More Sushi!
date and occasion of your first swing dance: October 2009
best moment of your dance career: Starting our own lindy school in Copenhagen in 2015. This last year has been crazy and exciting!

most awkward moment of your dance career: Swingin’ out hard in a jam in Herrang, when suddenly my pants rips apart in the crotch from a big kick… wups…
what does your dance-partner like the most in you: That I’m always keeping my cool and thinking ahead, both when doing shows and when teaching.
and what drives him/her nuts 😉 : I sometimes get a bit over-analytic in my approach to the dance, which Gosia is not the biggest fan of.

Lu & José

Lu (Luciana) Salinas and José Zarazaga offer classes full of energy and humor, providing a natural and entertaining way for their students to learn and improve.

Coming all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lu and José will teach for the second time in Germany (though they have been teaching in the US, in Europe and South America a lot). They are experienced professional dancers, choreographers and teachers and run a local Swing School in Buenos Aires.

Originally they started as Rock ‘n Roll dancers. Today especially their creativity, connection and dynamics impress and they generously share their knowledge and skills with students all over the world.

They love a good peace of meat (ok, no suprise), and are very professional in making jokes. If you ever had a class being very tired and José starts voice imitating Mickey Mouse you can’t do anything but bursting out laughing ( …. and they might introduce you to Ninja moves!)

Ida & Olov

Olov Vik and Ida Ponten (Sweden) are combining power and musicallity to share their own joy with their students. Expect a great combination of technique and playfulness

Ida spent most of her childhood cross country skiing. To navigate around the track you need core strength and stamina. Today, she is using that strength to her Lindy hop! She loves sharing her passion for dancing both in class and on the social floor. As a social dancer Ida believes that, on the floor everybody is a dancer; no matter what level they are at.
 Olov started dancing in the fall 2009, when his mother decided that he wouldn’t meet any new people sitting in his room reading books. He is now living and teaching in Gothenburg. As a social dancer he’s described as a musical dancer that uses rhythmic thinking and silly faces. As a teacher he aims to combine a firm footing in technique with musicality and playfulness.
 Hülly Hop Swing Farm will be their first teaching appearance in Germany.
As they come from sweden they never say no to a good old fashioned drink, and they are people you will love to hang out with.



Taster Teachers:

We are happy to welcome our international Taster Teachers from Amsterdam: Sanne and Hakon!

Sanne discovered Lindy Hop in 2011 through a friend and immediately started taking classes in Amsterdam. She didn’t think Lindy Hop would play such a big role in her life, now she cannot think of her life without thinking of Lindy Hop. In 2014 Sanne started teaching weekly classes in Amsterdam. Throughout the years she became more and more active in the Amsterdam dance scene, organizing weekly socials and the annual Smokey Feet Festival.

In Sanne’s classes you’ll find lots of technique and musicality, together with a bit of goofiness. She likes to work on small details to make communicating with your partner easier.

Hákon got in touch with Lindy Hop through his friends who were playing in a jazz band at an event where Lindy Hop performances and workshops also took place. He started dancing Lindy Hop right away and hasn’t stopped since. In 2014 Hákon started teaching weekly classes in Amsterdam and in 2018 at international festivals. Hákon also organizes the weekly Friday social dance evening in Amsterdam and the annual Smokey Feet festival.

Inside this rather tall Icelander lies a huge nerd, not only when it comes to dancing but also music, because Hákon is also a professional pianist. In his lessons, Hákon likes to work on technical concepts that help you communicate with your partner so that you can more easily express yourself when the music starts playing.