29.11 – 01.12.2024, in the middle of nowhere (close enough to Hamburg)

Month: March 2024


… opens on Sunday, 9 June 24

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Teachers confirmed

We are delighted to introduce you to this year’s teachers:  

Genia and Arnas (Ukraine/Lithuania)

Genia & Arnas

Who were at the last Hülly Hop will remember their lightness, positive energy and musicality. Arnas Jasiūnas is one of the top dancers of the Lithuanian swing dance scene. Genia Tsvietkova is a lindy hop and blues dancer from Ukraine. She won an array of competitions across Europe between 2012 and 2019.  

Güneş and Marcus (Germany)

Günes & Marcus

A warm welcome to the Hülly Hop family.
Güneş Göker & Marcus Zieboll still say,  “Lindy Hop changed our life!”. From 2016 to 2021, they ran their own small dance studio “HappyFeet Stuttgart” and have now been based in Hamburg since the end of 2021.