(before September 24th: 289€, late bird: 309€):

  • 4,5 Hours of Classes
  • 5 (out of 15) Tasters
  • 2 Parties (Saturday with live music)
  • plenty of additional activities (e.g. free movie corner, donation-based workshops provided by other participants)
  • 2 nights accommodation in a 3-5-bed-room with private or shared bathroom (on the same floor)
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake, dinner, midnight snack at the parties, drinking water) without other alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks

(before September 24th: 259€, late bird: 279€):

  • See above, except different accommodation:
  • Basic sleeping option. You will have to bring your own mattress, towels and sleeping bag. Full board included though! Be aware that you might have to walk through the farmyard to get a shower!

(before September 24th: 259€, late bird: 279€):

  • See above, except different accommodation:
  • No accommodation on-site, make sure to book your own! View our Accommodation page for suggestions. Full board included.

Secure your spot, we have limited capacities!



Prices depend on the time of your registration as well as on the options you choose. Some options might be booked out fast and will not be available soon after opening the registration on July 2nd 2017.

Until 6 weeks before the event (up to 24th September 2017) you can register with regular prices. If you register afterwards the “late bird” rates will apply.

There might be party passes available for online buying from 20th October 2017. There might also be tickets available at the box office onsite on Friday and Saturday evening depending on the number of guests already registered.


If you travel on a tight budget you might think about helping us with the event. We expect you to help for 5 hours during the event and will give you a discount on your package price of 50 € at the time of your registration.  If further working hours should be required, we will ask you onsite and offer to reimburse your additional work with 10€/hour in cash at the end of the event. We very much appreciate volunteers (helping without discount), since we run the event on a non-profit-basis.

Typical helper jobs include shuttle driving for teachers/DJs/Band/participants, shifts at the reception desk, onsite support at night during the parties (drinks and food), runner and roadie jobs. We ensure you to have spare time for all classes you signed in, but probably not for full parties and tasters. Please contact Eve ( for more details.


It’s up to you: We will produce blue colored Hülly Hop Swing Farm t-shirts with white print if we get at least 40 orders. Price: 20 €. So when filling out your registration form, choose your size and say, “YES! I want this t-shirt!”

Henning (wearing Men's size L)

Henning (wearing Men’s size L)

Eve (wearing Women's size M)

Eve (wearing Women’s size M)