Registration is open! We are looking forward to see you in Hüll:


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Registration Rules:

  1. Registration form will appear on this page on July 1st, at 1 p.m. UTC+1.
  2. We can host a maximum number of 120 people, so don’t be late!
  3. After registration you will get an email confirming that we got your registration, including all the data you have provided to us. Please do not book any travel arrangements at this time, because this first mail just states that we know you want to come!
  4. Within 2 weeks after your registration you will get either a “waiting list” statement, or payment instructions as follows:
  5. If you register as a couple, but for different tracks, or as a single lead or follow, we will first place you on a waiting list according to your level and choosen track. As soon as there is a dancer of the opposite role and same level and track registering, we will take you in and send you an email with detailed payment instructions. If you register as a couple, lead and follow of the same level and track, you skip the waiting list and will receive an email with payment instructions after we have checked if there are still places available.
  6. After you have paid on time (you have 14 days to do this!) you will get the final “you are in” confirmation email. Then it is time to arrange your travel.
  7. The attendee is responsible to cover all PayPal or bank transfer fees.
  8. Tickets are non-refundable. With confirmation of the organizers tickets are transferable to a person of the same dance role as well as chosen level, track and package. Get instructions and confirmation on ticket transfer from Eve (
  9. These are the registration rules for the attendees of the Hülly Hop Swing Farm 2017. 
If you do not agree with these rules during registration (and do not agree with the general rules) you will not be able to attend the Hülly Hop Swing Farm.