For every level there will be 4 classes of 75 minutes each, either two classes on Saturday and two on Sunday, or 3 on Saturday and one on Sunday. Every track will have a double class with one teacher couple and two single classes with the 2 other couples.

Since we want to give you the best possible learning experience with a good dose of teachers’ attention for everybody, there will be a range of 5 up to maximum 15 couples per track.

View our up-to-date schedule for our autumn edition here.


We will have 8 tasters on Friday evening (you can choose 3) and 4 on Saturday evening (you can choose 2). All tasters will last 60 minutes each.

The tasters are open for all levels and you can come without a partner. If you find a taster class full already, please choose another one. We might have a lead or follow surplus, but we will rotate a lot to cope with it.

Taster topics (draft):

Spice up your footwork (Gosia & Kuno): Tired and bored of the usual 6-count and 8-count footwork? Spice it up with variations, and unleash creativity in your dancing! In this class we will show you how to break your footwork down into smaller pieces, and modify it in different ways, while keeping the flow of the dance.

Better connection (Gosia & Kuno): What are the different fundamental connection techniques used in Lindy Hop? We will work on questions like: What parts of our arms/shoulders/body should we engage and when? How do we best match our partner’s connection? How can we use and respond to different levels of muscle tension to communicate complex ideas with our partner?

Super Follower (Lu): Technique, Footwork-Variations and Styling for Followers (solo work)

Super Leader (Jose): Technique, Footwork-Variations and Styling for Leaders (solo work)

Dips & Tricks (Lu & Jose): Add some spices to your social dance!! In this class we will teach some figures to make your social dance more challenging and fun! We are gonna keep on working in how to control your center with your partner’s center, through differents moves that will help to understand how the centrifuge force works!

Fast Lindy (Lu & Jose): We will teach how to find your own balance with some exercises that will help you to dance with songs of medium to fast tempo. How to fit with your partner and get the momentum using your center instead of the arms or force. We will show you how to dance to faster songs and enjoying them without getting tired!!

Back in the days (Ida & Olov): Old moves of early Lindy Hop re-discovered and added to your dance!

Surviving in the crowd (Ida & Olov): This taster is highly recommended by the organizers to everybody coming from a scene with lots of space on social dance floors! Fun exercises to learn how to dance creative and joyful in crowded spaces without landing your moves on other dancers feet, bumping your follower into somebody while swinging her/him out, or stepping rock steps onto somebody behind you. It’s all about body control, perception, navigating the floor, and estimating space and speed.

Creating new moves (Sanne & Hákon): Always stuck doing the same moves? You’ll learn how to think outside of the box (for both roles) and ways to create new moves.

Hallelujah, Suzie (Sanne & Hákon): You’ll learn how to follow and lead some classic moves from the solo jazz repertoire, because for example it’s so much fun to dance some hallelujahs or suzie q’s together while partner dancing. (This taster is not about solo jazz moves or break aways, but about doing solo jazz moves in a connected way, together.)

Shining in the crowd (Marina und Oliver): This taster is highly recommended by the organizers to everybody coming from a scene with lots of space on social dance floors! Crowded dance floor, small steps, and you feel scared and/or bored? This taster will help you and continue the exercises of Ida & Olov’s taster on Friday. More fun exercises, more ideas how to be creative within the limits of space.

Musicality (Marina & Oliver): Swing music has typical rhythmical patterns. In this taster you learn to hear them, clap, scat and dance them, as well as to use your new knowledge about rhythms for your own dance.


View our up-to-date schedule for our autumn edition here.