hey hoppers,

We wanna give you a Registration update as of today, January 23rd:

Strawberry (Intermediate Comfort): space for 3 couples, or 3 leads and 2 follows.

Apple (Intermediate Challenge): space for 1 couple, or 2 leads and 1 follow.

Cherry (Advanced Comfort): space for 1 couple, or 2 leads.

Pear (Advanced challenge): space for 2 couples, or 2 leads and 2 follows.

Accommodation update: 

Dorms (mixed and women): spaces available

Farmer beds (3-5 bed rooms): sold out

Single/double rooms: sold out

Caravan spots: sold out

Tents: possible

Hotels: possible

If you have been thinking about coming, don’t wait, but put yourself on the registration list! We are looking forward to seeing you all in 3 months!