We are very happy about your big interest in booking our camp – we are sold out regarding our beds, and only have few spaces for level pear (in combination with a dorm or outside hotel booking).

Status as of 06.12.2018:

  1. Single rooms, double rooms and Farmer beds are sold out.
  2. Levels Cherry and Apple are sold out with full waiting lists.
  3. Level Strawberry is sold out, with a few spots on waiting lists for leads, follows and couples, only in combination with potential dorm or hotel sleeping.
  4. Level Pear has a few spots for couples or single leads, in combination with dorm or hotel sleeping.

We can still offer a few sleeping options onsite in the mixed or women-only-dorm, or you book yourself a hotel (recommended only if you come by car, due to there is no transport to/from hotels available).