Today at lunchtime MEZ (12.00 h) we have been opening the public registration for our next Hülly Hop Swing Farm.

Status as of 2.11.2018, 19.20 h:

  1. Single and double rooms are sold out.
  2. Farmer package for women is sold out.*
  3. Level Cherry is sold out.
  4. Level Apple is sold out for single followers.
  5. Level Pear and Strawberry have waiting lists for single followers.

*We made a waiting list for women wishing Farmers package in women only rooms (we do have 2 mixed beds available). And we try to organise a women-only-dorm to ease the accommodation situation for women, but we need some days to explore our options.

Followers in general: please get yourself leads to register with, else you will most likely not make it into our event.