5. Hülly Hop Swing Farm

March 22nd – 24th, 2019 in the middle of nowhere (close enough to Hamburg)

Public Registration is open!

Today at lunchtime MEZ (12.00 h) we have been opening the public registration for our next Hülly Hop Swing Farm.

Status as of 2.11.2018, 19.20 h:

  1. Single and double rooms are sold out.
  2. Farmer package for women is sold out.*
  3. Level Cherry is sold out.
  4. Level Apple is sold out for single followers.
  5. Level Pear and Strawberry have waiting lists for single followers.

*We made a waiting list for women wishing Farmers package in women only rooms (we do have 2 mixed beds available). And we try to organise a women-only-dorm to ease the accommodation situation for women, but we need some days to explore our options.

Followers in general: please get yourself leads to register with, else you will most likely not make it into our event.



TLDR: thank you!
After some good rest we found some time now to reflect and relax.

We are so fortunate to have been with you – to see all these happy people dancing, laughing, relaxing, chatting, drinking & eating & making new friends is our biggest reward.

(We organisers work completely unpaid/voluntarily for the ABC association, just sayin’ …)

We would like to thank from our hearts to all people involved:
our lovely teachers: Jenna, Ben, Cat, Cam, Elle, Marti, Tobsen, Skata Billy, James for the big variety of topics covered and questions answered;
Jenna and Cat for being amazing MC’s;
James and Tobsen for great DJing;
The Capulets for their kick-ass sets;
all our volunteers for their helping hands;
the staff of ABC (office, kitchen, housekeeping) for providing great hospitality;
our photographer Steph for putting us in the right light;
Nadine for helping us relaxing our bodies;
everybody who supported other participants financially;
all students for their questions, hard work, enthusiasm, and support on site when we asked for help;
our families and friends for accepting that we are busy with the event, and not complaining …

We went home on Sunday dead but sunshiny, and it’s all because of you. Come back in March, or see you somewhere on the dance floor!

Loads of love – Agnes, Henning, and Eve

Thank you so much – it was lovely!

If you have fotos or videos taken, please share with us.

We will publish them on FB, insta and here. We look forward to hear from you (info@swing.farm)!

One lead spot in Strawberry free, one follow spot in Cherry, and new t-shirts arrived!

Due to a health related cancellations we have a free spot in level strawberry for a lead, and one in level Cherry for a follow. If you feel like coming spontaneously, we (and the poor sick dancers) would be happy to find a replacement.

Please email to info@swing.farm, and we help organise the change of participants. (New participant would pay the fees to the originally registered dancer).

Excited about the new t-shirt design! Please bring cash to pay for your pre-ordered one (payable at check-in on friday).


Latest Status on Registrations, Monday Program and JnJ!

Our Levels:

Level Strawberry: sold out!
Level Apple: sold out!
Level Cherry: sold out
Level Pear: 2 couples or leads

Due to very few registrations for the planned Monday program (swing walk and Hamburg Port tour) it will not going to happen. We are sorry!

Same goes for the JnJ: due to too small numbers of registrations we skip the competition this time. Enjoy our band and social dancing instead!

New Update on registration / No Monday Program

Level Strawberry: 2 leads
Level Apple: sold out!
Level Cherry: sold out
Level Pear: 2 couples or leads

We look forward to fill up the last open spaces!

Due to very few registrations for the planned Monday program (swing walk and Hamburg Port tour) it will not going to happen. We are sorry!

Updated schedule and taster info

Dear fellow hoppers,

do you feel the groove? Our 4th Hülly Hop Swing Farm is going to happen in 4 weeks and we are so excited!

We updated the schedule, the taster class descriptions, and the info on more people who will be with us, as our taster teachers Catarina, James, and Tobi, and our photographer Steph.

We still have (a) spot/s for couple/s and lead/s in strawberry, pear, cherry, and apple levels. Single follows probably won’t have a chance to make it into the event, since we have waiting lists in all levels. Shortest waiting list (aka best chances) are in cherry at the moment.

Follows, get yourself a lead, and get in/ get your spot!

We so much look forward to see all of you in one month – your Hülly Hop Swing Farm Team!

Hurry up!

It’s only 6 weeks to go until we start the engines for the 4th Hülly Hop Swing Farm.


If you don’t want to pay the late bird price – hurry up!  After September, 5th, the late bird prices apply.

Register now for the 4. Hülly Hop Swing Farm!

Registration for our 4th Hülly Hop Swing Farm (Autumn Edition, October 12th-14th, 2018) is open now! … We are excited to see you!

Photo by Rowdygraphie

Photo by Rowdygraphie

Ready for our 4th edition?

If you are already keen on registering for our autumn edition: please be patient! We open the new registration round on June, 1st, at 12:00 mid day.

If you have been dancing already at one of our previous editions, you should have gotten an email with a personal invitation to register, since we invited all past participants to register early as a little “thank you” for their loyalty.

If you did not get this email, please get back to agnes@swing.farm to get it re-sent to you.

Meanwhile we work on changes in our general rules to be GDPR compliant.

Enjoy the spring!



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