For every level there will be 4 classes of 75 minutes each, either two classes on Saturday and two on Sunday, or 3 on Saturday and one on Sunday. Every track will have a double class with one teacher couple and two single classes with the 2 other couples.

Since we want to give you the best possible learning experience with a good dose of teachers’ attention for everybody, there will be a range of 8 up to maximum 17 couples per track.

View our up-to-date schedule for our next edition here.


Taster classes are themed classes open to your free choice and mostly suited for all levels, and you can come without a partner. Some Taster classes are selected for certain levels, you will find it in the description and on the plan.

Classes open for all levels are usually structured in a way that the class starts with easy to follow content, which is suitable for intermediate dancers. In the course of the taster the complexity and difficulty is increasing, so that at least the last 10 minutes are challenging for the advanced dancers. Don’t worry if you can’t do the last moves and exercises – it is made this way to give everybody a challenge, independent of their level.

In the taster you will dance and practise with dancers of different dance experience and abilities, take the chance to make yourself comfortable with it. It means it is like in real life on the social dance floor 🙂

If you plan to attend our Balboa Swing Farm in September, but you haven’t danced Balboa and / or can’t learn Balboa at home, then we strongly recommend to attend all 4 Balboa related tasters we offer. This way you will get a good starting point of Balboa dancing. Balboa Tasters are marked light yellow in the plan!

We will have 8 tasters on Friday evening (you can choose maximum 3) and 6 on Saturday evening (you can choose maximum 2). All tasters will last 60 minutes each.

If you find a taster class full already, please choose another one. We might have a lead or follow surplus, but we will rotate a lot to cope with it.

Lindy Hop Taster topics (subject of change without further notice):

Swing Out Fiesta 1 & 2 (Lu & Jose): You want to improve your swing out? This is the taster for you:  it’s all about the technique, tempo, connection, counter balance, and variations of the swing out.
Part 1: Beginner/Intermediate, Part 2: Advanced

Super Follower (Lu): You will learn some fancy follower footwork you can use in different moves. The taster is open to everybody dancing the follower role. All Levels.

Super Leader (Jose): You will learn some fancy leader footwork you can use in different moves. The taster is open to everybody dancing the leader role. All Levels.

Buenos Aires Ninja Moves (Lu & Jose): You wonder what people dance like on the other end of the world? Here you can learn some unique dynamic Buenos Aires styled moves. Advanced.

Closed Position (Sonia & Hector): One of Hector and Sonia’s favourite subjects. We will work on the technique of embracing your partner while you do cool moves to be able to enjoy the dance. All Levels.

Rhythms (Sonia & Hector). Learning new Rhythms allows a better understanding of the music and a better enjoyment of other aspects of the dance at the same time. Sonia and Héctor will teach us Rhythms they use and how to use them in the couple dance. Whether with the feet, with another part of the body or with our partner, we will learn how to express typical rhythms of Jazz. All Levels.

Going goofy (Egle & Jonas): Swing dancing isn’t about elegance mainly, it consists of a lot of goofiness, too. In this taster you will laugh about yourself. You will learn how to be goofy, and how to embrace the awkward moments of failure and misunderstanding, and turn them into moments to remember for their creativity and the fun you had! All Levels.

Floorcraft – Dancing in crowded spaces (Karen & Oli): When it comes to dancing in crowded spaces we often struggle: either we get kicked or step on someone feet, we bump our follower in another couple, and where there was space a second before now are 4 people. WTF? How to dance with joy and creativity in a  restricted, dynamic space? This taster will give you exercises and ideas how to dance safe and creative in the crowd. All Levels, especially recommended if you are not used to dance in crowded spaces at your home scene social dancings!

How to use videos of yourself to improve your dance – Talk (Eve): When it comes to videos of ourselfes, we often feel discomfort watching our dance. But using videos is a great way to improve our dancing and make our practise more structured und successful. You will learn some specific techniques, can ask questions and learn that even the most sophisticated professional dancers often struggle watching their own performance videos with pleasure 🙂

Other dances Taster topics (subject of change without further notice):

Introduction to Balboa – Pure Bal 1 and 2 (Egle & Jonas): You will learn the pure bal basics (close embrace, small moves). All Levels. Please make sure to take both classes (1 and 2), especially if you plan to come to our Balboa Swing Farm in September!

Introduction to Balboa – Bal Swing 1 and 2 (Egle & Jonas). You will learn the bal swing basics (open embrace, bigger and dynamic moves). All Levels. Please make sure to take both classes (1 and 2), especially if you plan to come to our Balboa Swing Farm in September!

Introduction to Boogie Woogie (Karen & Oli): You always wanted to try out Boogie Woogie? Here you will get an introduction! All Levels.