1. These are the general rules for the attendees of the Hülly Hop Swing Farm 2017. 
If you do not agree with these rules during registration (and do not agree with the registration rules) you will not be able to attend the Hülly Hop Swing Farm.
  2. Smoking is prohibited indoors. Outside the buildings we have designated smoking areas, please use only these areas to have a smoke.
  3. We cannot take responsibility for your valuables, assets, or any physical injuries. There is always a risk of physical injuries during dance activities; it is your own responsibility and decision to do any dance activity during our event. Do your best to be careful – for yourself and for others as well! In case of injury we will have a basic first aid kit available; ask us or the staff of ABC Training Centre for help.
  4. We love to share the HüllyHop Swing Farm experience with the Swing community, including sharing pictures and videos of the event. Of course we will do our best to show everyone at their best (you can always get in touch with us or our photographers if you wish to have any picture or video removed) – and it’s to your advantage, too: you and everyone else will get nice memories of all the people you trained and danced with. So, by registering you’ve granted us permission to use photographs and videos of participants for publicity purposes.
  5. Please do not record or take photos of classes without asking the teachers. In general, you may record and take pictures of jams, performances  and parties – but without flashes! You can also record other parts of the SwingFarm – but please ask for the permission of the people you would like to film.
  6. Please enter classrooms only in appropriate indoor shoes; no high heels or shoes that could mark the floor are allowed. Please note that you will be liable for any damages caused by wearing inappropriate shoes. Since we expect snow or at least wet weather, please make sure not to bring wet dirt into classrooms. Change shoes at the designated areas near the entrance.
  7. We will keep lost & found properties for 2 weeks after the SwingFarm has finished. After that, we will dispose any leftovers or offer them to charities.
  8. It is possible that some part of the program can not be realized (teachers can get sick or suffer from cancelled flights). No matter what, we will do our best to give you a great experience.
  9. The personal information you provide will not be disclosed, in any situation, to a third party. The organizers will solely contact you in the context of the event. Direct contact will be primarily e-mail-based, as we give you relevant information regarding the event and follow up with your registration. The organizers cannot be held responsible for the integrity and privacy of e-mail messages as they are relayed by e-mail servers across the Internet.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions, just get back to us on: info@swing.farm